About Us

Podiatrists (chiropodists) specialise in assessing, diagnosing and
treating abnormalities and diseases of the lower limb.
Our podiatrists have completed a 3 year degree at university prior to being registered by the Health & Care Professions Council to practice within both the NHS and Private sector.
To maintain their registration, our podiatrists update their knowledge and clinical skills through continuing professional development as required by the Health & Care Professions Council. This ensures quality assurance and professional standards of care.
Our podiatrists have gained many years experience within both the NHS and the private sector providing the ability to cater for all lower limb requirements including specialist areas such as Vascular complications, Neuropathy, Diabetes, Biomechanics and Nail Surgery.

Word of Warning:

Other footcare providers including foot health practitioners/foot health specialists are not chiropodists or podiatrists (this cannot be stated clearly enough) - usually they have only completed upto 10 days of practical training alongside upto 1 years long distance learning. They will also usually have many letters after their name leading to the belief they are highly qualified.

If in doubt:

1. Ask your practitioner for their HCPC number which you can check by clicking on the HCPC logo to the right.
2. Check your podiatrist is insured. Our podiatrists are members of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (SOCAP), the largest independent professional body in the UK representing registered Chiropodists and Podiatrists. This guarantees that they are fully insured which you can check by clicking on the SOCAP logo to the right.